Admonishment to myself

“The trouble with life in the fast lane is that you get to the other end in an awful hurry.” – John Jensen

Please advise: How to stop last minute rushes and time pressure and packing too much stuff?

 15.10.2012,                                   Letter to my unorganized self:                                                                                                                    

Dear part of myself who is very unorganized and only operates under time pressure.

We have been working together since a long time and today is not the first time I got mad at you because of your unorganized personality traits.

Remember last time I moved out of my flat and had to catch a flight? I was sitting onboard with my sweaty and smelly cleaning clothes, cause we were so last minute that I didn´t even have time to get dressed before rushing to the airport with 50 kg of stuff.

That is another thing that bothers  me about your unorganized personality: You always bring too much stuff!

Remember when we moved to Stockholm? We booked two extra flight tickets, only to bring more stuff and a bike. We were very lucky that two beloved suitcase carriers volunteered to come along to fill up the construction container we lived in for a year.

Can you pretty pretty PLEASE learn to pack more lightly?

Today I couldn´t even lift off our “Beautycase (145 x 40 x 55 cm)” from my bed, because it was way too heavy for me to lift. I opened it to see what all you put in there. Seriously? 12 books, 3 journals, a longboard, two wetsuits, a kiteboard,  a harness, kitestuff and lots of clothes!?!  Really? Who is gonna carry this for you this to the other side of the world? I can´t on my crutches! Do you have a good relationship with the emirates pilot or what? When I told you to get rid of some of the stuff, you grinned at me and than you took forever to decide which books you could life without and begged me not to take your longbord away. You needed your playgear and toys, you said.

Last time moving out of Berlin, we were so last minute to catch the cab to the airport that we had this talk, remember? You promised me that wouldn´t happen again and next time you´d be ready with plenty of time, so we wouldn´t have to bother my neighbor to help us carry the last boxes to the basement in a sweaty marathon pace.

Well, today again, I am sitting with dirty and sweaty cloths in the last minute cab to the airport. Again  we have more than my allowed 60 Kilograms of baggage. And again there was no way of getting everything done last minute by ourselves, if the nice strong and huge Gentleman didn´t help us. Send out a big thanks to him! 🙂
So what went wrong? Again you didn´t keep your promise to be ready in time!

Ben Franklin said: “You may delay, but time will not”. True fact! Wise man. “The early bird cathces the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”, you say. Well…

I know you work best under time pressure, and somehow it always works out. I know you keep saying it. “We never missed a flight or important train” you say. True, but it could all be so much more relaxed. And we wouldn´t have to sit on the plane looking like just being chased by a tiger, if you were just a little more organized!

So let´s analyze:

Could it be that you had your priorities on friends visits instead over the last couple days in Berlin? I counted the people in our flat within the last 60 hours: 15 people came in for a coffee, a breakfast or lunch and you even made time to bake two breads instead of carrying boxes to the basement! Which was nice but maybe you should have listened to the one friend at teatime yesterday who came in and said: “Wow, doesn´t look like you´re moving out?” Or our friend who left at midnight yesterday who said in awe: “You are still pretty relaxed for what it still looks like here, and you´re leavin in 12 hours.” But YOU – oh still you had the calmness to sleep until 7, enjoy your morning routine with coffee and emails and even have a Skype call to the other side of the world.

Could it be that time is different for you? Do you have a problem procastinating? Watch this:

Anyway, dear part of myself: Please get organized!!!

Sincerely, your master (or slave?)


Dear friends out there? Can you give me some great tipps on packing lightly?  And how you you deal with deadlines and last minute rushes? I appreciate any tipps to make me better!



“Ducks lay eggs discreetly,    

 on the other hand a chicken makes noise so the whole estate can hear.                                            

What is the result?

The whole world eats chicken eggs, just few use duck eggs.“

Henry Ford.


Did you just smile about this quote of a very successful entrepreneur of the 20th century?

I sure did. And I believe Ford knew what he was talking about concerning business. I give him the benefit of a doubt on his marketing strategy, although I disagree strongly with Ford on many other things he said and did. He published a lot of antisemitical writings and wrote lots of destroying and misanthropic stuff. So much that, when the Nazis took over Germany, Heinrich Himmler (fact: stupid a__hole; ) wrote in a letter that Ford was “one of the most valuable, weightiest and most spirited pioneers in the antisemitical front”.

But at least marketing wise, I think Ford was right on this quote. My moral: You just have to use the chicken stuff for good input and not for crap like Ford did.

Anyway, today I learned a whole lot about marketing. Very interesting 5 hours studying and learning from a pro. Though the best in a nutshell I learned today was the quote from Ford. Not only did it let me laugh out loud, but also rang so true: It´s all about Marketing.

There is a lot of Marketing bullshit  rubbish out there, which is still good to know as a consumer, even if I don´t wanna use it myself, but there is also lots of knowledge out there, which every entrepreneur should know and put into practise. Like:

  • the AIDA-Modell
  • how to use Google AdWords, how you pay for it and HOW much money Google makes with this. It´s their main source of revenue and 2010 they made (28 billion = 28 Milliarden!!!) US-$ profit with it. (fact!)
  • The creative modern Guerilla-marketing-tactics like the cleaning stuff from “Meister Propper”  here:  or another good one here:  ibba-2_25

…and other crazy stuff I did not know.

To start putting my little newly acquired Marketing knowledge into practise: I feel encouraged to rather be a chicken than a duck, in hope for one day I´ll be able to sell my eggs 🙂

Meaning: I make a lot of noise about by future-Homepage-to-be (, my possible start-up and what I wanna offer to the the world. But really people: I got very good stuff in store. So don´t miss out 🙂

Very suprisingly, a successful CEO contacted me today and told me he had thought about my business idea and brand EwigKiten and really believed in it and in me and wants to support me -through coaching, advise giving and getting help to apply for good funds to start-up. How exciting.

So friends: Keep on watching this space and be amazed what will follow over the next couple months.

And if you wanna do me a favor and help me get better, you can do 3 things:

Either of them helps me and best would be all three:

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                    I would really, really much appreciate and you will not ever miss on my exciting new blog entries about my new big  adventures  coming up around the world:)

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3) Comment, comment, comment!             Give me Feedback! E.g. on what you liked, where you laughed or where you cried, smiled or smirked. Tell me weather had an Aha-Moment or I only tell you stuff you already know – which could be either in a bad way (“yawn – boring – tell us something new“) or in a good way (like “I already knew this deep inside, good to know there are other souls out there who thinks this”). Also tell me what you dislike or where I can improve. I can take critics (fairly badly but I am improving on this;) and I wanna learn more, grow and improve envery day in my days to come.

So anything you wanna say, please feel free to comment.

I appreciate people talking to me and don´t want this Blog to be a one-sided-conversation, but a inspiration on all sides. So please help.



Ps: And from the eggs I hopefully sell one day to serve the world in MY way – you can make use in whatever way you want – e.g omlettes, cakes, easter decorations, art or whatever – As long as you stic to my moral: Use it for the good! – you are fine with me and wanna support you in any way I can.

My passion for Kitesurfing

“Kites are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made”

Have you ever tried Kitesurfing?

My love and enthusiasm for Kitesurfing has grown exponentially since the first time I ever saw a kitesurfer. That was 2007 when I lived in South Africa and did lots of surfing there whenever I could find the time while doing the research to my master thesis on entrepreneurship, and exploring the wonderful country. I loved being out in nature, in the water. But I was never good at paddling and I didn´t like the waiting on waves. Sitting out there on my surf board and waiting was boring. One time I sat outside in the Muizenberg Bay in Capetown and waited unpatiently for the next wave, I saw the first Kitesurfer I had ever seen. He was riding though the waves out, effortless, since he didn´t have to paddle and duckdive, but used the wind. looked like fun, and then he turned around and was riding on the wave towards the beach. Full-on action ALL the time. No waiting for wind, no getting washed (I thought) , no frustration of my tired arms not paddling hard enough or falling off the board. Wow. I fell in love in this moment. A new passion had been born.

I didn´t get a chance to try kitesurfing myself until 10 months later in autumn 2008 in the cold North Sea in Sankt Peter Ording (SPO). Although the kiteschool had already closed for the season I talked them into giving me a couple lessons. They warned me: “The water is cold, the waves a re strong and the wind is gusty. Better wait till spring to learn or go to a warm place like Eqypt with flat, shallow water. Otherwise you won´t try it again, if you get frustrated here. But I had travelled about 700 km just to learn Kitesurfing, so there was no way talking my stubborn head out of it. So we tried and I loved it from the very first moment I felt the power of the kite.

I was in the icecold water soon trying my first body drags without the board and dived the kite strongly into the power zone to get lifted out of the water and “fly” for a second. I was so full of adrenaline that I didn´t mind the icy water and messy waved. That night after a hot sauna in Germany´s most beautiful Spa in the dunes of the Beach in SPO, I dreamed of riding the waves the next day and woke up totally excited for my next lessons. But a look outside the window destroyed my hope: about 45 knots and pouring rain. I went back to the Kiteschool to get some theory lessons in hope for better winds the next day. But no look. Beautiful warm sun, clear sky, but no wind at all. I had to go back to Giessen, close to Frankfurt to finish my master thesis and study hard for my master in Kitesurfing Psychology (LOL- I really worte that in my draft – wish I had a masters in Kitesurfing as well 🙂 On the side I worked too much and never got a chance to try kitesurfing again until Oktober 2009.

2 days at the Isselmeer in Netherlands and than off two my first Kitetrip in Brazil. November in Brazil is just perfect. Not a day without wind and I learned so much in those three weeks in Cambuco, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara and all the beautiful spots on the way. What a great place to be. If you ever plan to Jerri there, stay with Marcio and Jodie in their most beautiful home “Vila Bela Vista”. They are Kitesurflovers and arrange the most epic downwinders: 36 km along the coast to a beautiful lagoon, where you can indulge in sea food like fresh oysters and enjoy cheep Caipirinia after the long ride.

Ever since than my love for kitesurfing is so strong that it determines my dreams, my holiday-plans, my choice for place to live (can´t be far from a kitespot) and the work I do Born to Kitesurf, forced to work? Change it to Live for Kitesurf and support this by your work. No work over 18 knots!

Now I am moving to a new home 350 meters from the next Kitespot. I´ll arrive just in time for spring´s northerlies and am proud to promote BEST Kiteboarding Down Under in New Zealand. This awesome brand equipped me with brand new 2013 material, which is already on it´s way to New Zealand. Ready to rock the wind and waves with me. I am so stoked!


Are you interested in learning to Kitesurf or purchasing BEST Material?

Contact me!



Berlin-bye-bye by boat

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”

Do you love the water as much as I do?

If I can´t enjoy water sports because of my broken leg´the second best thing to do is being on a boat with good friends and family. Anywhere really. But Berlin from water is exceptionally beautyful.

Floating along the Spree waving to the people along the river, seeing all historical sights from watersight, going under the Oberbaumbrücke and under all the other so many little bridges. And each time under one of them everybody screams because my beloved godchild loves it so much when we do 🙂

When a concert is going on at “Kater Holzig”  ( it´s the best to party “backstage” on the boat and just go on land to use the bathroom or get a drink. And finishing the trip off with a cold Savannah (my favorite drink from Cape Town) at the Hafenküche (www.hafenkü is just topping it off. Not to speak about the ride back home in the most stylish Volkswagen-T1-Bus 🙂

Thank you SJM for another wonderful day on the water with you, another great trip with awesome company on your beautiful boat. Spending time there together has been a big present each time and I will miss this so much. But autumn is coming quickly to Berlin and I have to follow the sun 🙂 Or is the sun following me?

See you on Aitutaki in 9 weeks 🙂                            Yeeahhhh!

What a treat!

“The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do.”

Have you been ´Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor´ or ´Best Man´ for a close friend before?

Once before I had the pleasure at an extraordinary international German-/Polish-American wedding in California and understood than why it is called “maid of honor”, because it is full of honor and joy. This year I am blessed to have this honor again as one of my best friends is getting married soon and I am so stoked.

I remember the day about 8 years ago when she told me she´ll never get married and I prayed she would change her mind. And I remember well the day 6 years ago in Stockholm when she had just met her husband-to-be the day before. We stalked him on the Internet to find out more about him, she couldn´t stop talking about him  and she was hopping through the rainy Swedish streets smiling so bright that I teased her how in love she was.

She still negated to be in love on this day, but only weeks later it was clear she had met “the man”. I knew it when I saw how happy he
made her and I am proud to be a witness when they say the formal yes to each other in december in paradise. 

Make sure to sign up for my blog so you don´t miss out on the wedding stories in the South pacific 🙂

As I am leaving to the bottom right corner of the world map in a little over two weeks I will miss my friends bacherolette party. To make up for this I stole her away for a very private bachelorette party with just me and her for two days. 

We first went to the hairdresser together so I could learn to do her hair on the day of the wedding. Afterwards I put her and me on a train to a destination unknown to her. She had no idea what we were about to do and I gave her all kinds of misleading hints. When the train stopped in the middle of Brandenburg, far from any phone reception a nice well dressed man picked us up and played with us the game of secret where we were going.

When we arrived at the beautiful Spa and Resort “Zur Bleiche” the secret was released: Two days and a night in a gorgous luxuray Hotel with the biggest Spa I have ever been to. Two days of Girls Talk, Massage, Champane, different Saunas and ppols, gossip magazines in front of the open fireplace, Pilates, a dinner that made party in our mouths, endless loughter, engaged discussions and a looong breakfast with anything your tastebuds could ask for.                     WHAT A TREAT.

To anyone who is in Berlin for a visit or longer and wants a timeout – go treat yourself in the Bleiche. The most beautiful get away in the middly of wonderful “Spreewald” You can take the kanu right infront of the hotel, get a bike or stroll around on your feet in the amazing  sourrounding landscape. Or just meditate in those beautiful decorated rooms, rent a book from the well equipped libraries or get lost in one of the many stylish hallways, elevators and little hide aways.

The resort has a long history and is family owned since 1993. The service is excellent while casual at the same time. They even gave us a ride to the station with their very fun oldtimer bus named “Rosi”. Definatly check out the homepage                                                                    and put this on your to-do-before-you-die-list. One of the best hotels I´ve ever been in.

Bleiche – I´ll be back.

Day 2 – thank you and please get inter-active! ……. Comment and follow!

“You don’t have to be interesting to not be boring”

WOW! Still a dream or does the taste of coffee on my lips indicate that I am up and awake?

Today  I slept in,                                                                                      on German´s National Holiday                                                       after staying up long last night                                                           with at least 22 Tabs open on my Google-Chrome (typical “end-user” as my IT-friends call me)                                    and now I play around with my brandnew First Blog             and see I can get hold of stats                                                                            of how many people visited my site.

Amazing to know that after beeing online for about 12 hours 87 (209 by now!) people from Germany to New Zealand, Luxemburg, Sweden, Great Britain, Rwanda, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, and France came to check out what I have in store for the world!

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting and encouraging me on my quest in the  great unknown: the  world wide web.

If you know me well, know, you know that I don´t have any technical or electronical skills. I am a people person and that´s where my knowledge and profession is. That´s why I studied Psychology for 6 years  and had additional training for 4,5 years in Therapy (Gestalt-Therapy) – but how to use Excel or WordPress or build my Homepage – these skills are developed probably at the stage of a 7 year old 🙂

So bare with me. This is all Work in Progress. 

My normal pattern, as a perfectionist, would be to have everything figured out before I show it to the world, get online or get published.

Not this time. New ways for me. This Blog, will stay imperfect but full of passion, love for what I do and for connecting with others around me all over the world through this powerful Media called Blog. 

So PLEASE: Interact with me. Tell me what you like or don´t like in the comment area. And please subscribe by following my blog (How to? and commenting on the posts!

This blog is not all about me. It is about US. Everyone who wants to get involved is warmly invited. PLEASE get active and interact. I need YOU!

Coming back to this blog and interacting with me will be worth it. I got drawers full of wonderful projects I would like to realize to make this world a better place and help people to find their path and go for their dreams. 

I got drawers full of writings that sometimes I´d like to publish here.

This all is a lot of “work” – work I love but time and energy consuming. Keep me encouraged to keep this blog-project going. I live of your feedback!



SO PLEASE SIGN UP HERE: or even better: press follow at the left bottom of the page and enter your email adress to get immediatly informed when I write a new post.