Admonishment to myself

“The trouble with life in the fast lane is that you get to the other end in an awful hurry.” – John Jensen

Please advise: How to stop last minute rushes and time pressure and packing too much stuff?

 15.10.2012,                                   Letter to my unorganized self:                                                                                                                    

Dear part of myself who is very unorganized and only operates under time pressure.

We have been working together since a long time and today is not the first time I got mad at you because of your unorganized personality traits.

Remember last time I moved out of my flat and had to catch a flight? I was sitting onboard with my sweaty and smelly cleaning clothes, cause we were so last minute that I didn´t even have time to get dressed before rushing to the airport with 50 kg of stuff.

That is another thing that bothers  me about your unorganized personality: You always bring too much stuff!

Remember when we moved to Stockholm? We booked two extra flight tickets, only to bring more stuff and a bike. We were very lucky that two beloved suitcase carriers volunteered to come along to fill up the construction container we lived in for a year.

Can you pretty pretty PLEASE learn to pack more lightly?

Today I couldn´t even lift off our “Beautycase (145 x 40 x 55 cm)” from my bed, because it was way too heavy for me to lift. I opened it to see what all you put in there. Seriously? 12 books, 3 journals, a longboard, two wetsuits, a kiteboard,  a harness, kitestuff and lots of clothes!?!  Really? Who is gonna carry this for you this to the other side of the world? I can´t on my crutches! Do you have a good relationship with the emirates pilot or what? When I told you to get rid of some of the stuff, you grinned at me and than you took forever to decide which books you could life without and begged me not to take your longbord away. You needed your playgear and toys, you said.

Last time moving out of Berlin, we were so last minute to catch the cab to the airport that we had this talk, remember? You promised me that wouldn´t happen again and next time you´d be ready with plenty of time, so we wouldn´t have to bother my neighbor to help us carry the last boxes to the basement in a sweaty marathon pace.

Well, today again, I am sitting with dirty and sweaty cloths in the last minute cab to the airport. Again  we have more than my allowed 60 Kilograms of baggage. And again there was no way of getting everything done last minute by ourselves, if the nice strong and huge Gentleman didn´t help us. Send out a big thanks to him! 🙂
So what went wrong? Again you didn´t keep your promise to be ready in time!

Ben Franklin said: “You may delay, but time will not”. True fact! Wise man. “The early bird cathces the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”, you say. Well…

I know you work best under time pressure, and somehow it always works out. I know you keep saying it. “We never missed a flight or important train” you say. True, but it could all be so much more relaxed. And we wouldn´t have to sit on the plane looking like just being chased by a tiger, if you were just a little more organized!

So let´s analyze:

Could it be that you had your priorities on friends visits instead over the last couple days in Berlin? I counted the people in our flat within the last 60 hours: 15 people came in for a coffee, a breakfast or lunch and you even made time to bake two breads instead of carrying boxes to the basement! Which was nice but maybe you should have listened to the one friend at teatime yesterday who came in and said: “Wow, doesn´t look like you´re moving out?” Or our friend who left at midnight yesterday who said in awe: “You are still pretty relaxed for what it still looks like here, and you´re leavin in 12 hours.” But YOU – oh still you had the calmness to sleep until 7, enjoy your morning routine with coffee and emails and even have a Skype call to the other side of the world.

Could it be that time is different for you? Do you have a problem procastinating? Watch this:

Anyway, dear part of myself: Please get organized!!!

Sincerely, your master (or slave?)


Dear friends out there? Can you give me some great tipps on packing lightly?  And how you you deal with deadlines and last minute rushes? I appreciate any tipps to make me better!


6 thoughts on “Admonishment to myself

      • I would really love to! Maybe there is a chance actually, as we cancelled Brasil 🙂
        The big van is just part of procrastination: you don’t have to worry about what to leave at home, just shove anything in (last-minute, for sure) and off we go…
        So no real advice overcoming procrastination from my side, but if you find a clue let me know 😉

  1. Well, all I wonder about now is how on earth you managed to also write this blog post in between packing and getting organised ;-). Have a good flight, hope it gives you time to relax and mentally prepare.

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