“Ducks lay eggs discreetly,    

 on the other hand a chicken makes noise so the whole estate can hear.                                            

What is the result?

The whole world eats chicken eggs, just few use duck eggs.“

Henry Ford.


Did you just smile about this quote of a very successful entrepreneur of the 20th century?

I sure did. And I believe Ford knew what he was talking about concerning business. I give him the benefit of a doubt on his marketing strategy, although I disagree strongly with Ford on many other things he said and did. He published a lot of antisemitical writings and wrote lots of destroying and misanthropic stuff. So much that, when the Nazis took over Germany, Heinrich Himmler (fact: stupid a__hole; ) wrote in a letter that Ford was “one of the most valuable, weightiest and most spirited pioneers in the antisemitical front”.

But at least marketing wise, I think Ford was right on this quote. My moral: You just have to use the chicken stuff for good input and not for crap like Ford did.

Anyway, today I learned a whole lot about marketing. Very interesting 5 hours studying and learning from a pro. Though the best in a nutshell I learned today was the quote from Ford. Not only did it let me laugh out loud, but also rang so true: It´s all about Marketing.

There is a lot of Marketing bullshit  rubbish out there, which is still good to know as a consumer, even if I don´t wanna use it myself, but there is also lots of knowledge out there, which every entrepreneur should know and put into practise. Like:

  • the AIDA-Modell
  • how to use Google AdWords, how you pay for it and HOW much money Google makes with this. It´s their main source of revenue and 2010 they made (28 billion = 28 Milliarden!!!) US-$ profit with it. (fact!)
  • The creative modern Guerilla-marketing-tactics like the cleaning stuff from “Meister Propper”  here:  or another good one here:  ibba-2_25

…and other crazy stuff I did not know.

To start putting my little newly acquired Marketing knowledge into practise: I feel encouraged to rather be a chicken than a duck, in hope for one day I´ll be able to sell my eggs 🙂

Meaning: I make a lot of noise about by future-Homepage-to-be (, my possible start-up and what I wanna offer to the the world. But really people: I got very good stuff in store. So don´t miss out 🙂

Very suprisingly, a successful CEO contacted me today and told me he had thought about my business idea and brand EwigKiten and really believed in it and in me and wants to support me -through coaching, advise giving and getting help to apply for good funds to start-up. How exciting.

So friends: Keep on watching this space and be amazed what will follow over the next couple months.

And if you wanna do me a favor and help me get better, you can do 3 things:

Either of them helps me and best would be all three:

1) Follow: Go right now to the bottom left side of your page, click on follow and then enter your email adress. It´s safe with me,  I won´t sell it and you can unsubcribe anytime, if you don´t wanna get further information from this blog or me.

                    I would really, really much appreciate and you will not ever miss on my exciting new blog entries about my new big  adventures  coming up around the world:)

2) Share:  If you like my writing and get any inspiration out of it to go an follow your dreams, become active and become more and more the awesome, talented, beautiful, successful person you already are inside –

-than, please tell your friends and folks about it -in real life or share on facebook or in your Blog or whatever creative way you can think of to support my rather-chicken-than-duck mentality.

3) Comment, comment, comment!             Give me Feedback! E.g. on what you liked, where you laughed or where you cried, smiled or smirked. Tell me weather had an Aha-Moment or I only tell you stuff you already know – which could be either in a bad way (“yawn – boring – tell us something new“) or in a good way (like “I already knew this deep inside, good to know there are other souls out there who thinks this”). Also tell me what you dislike or where I can improve. I can take critics (fairly badly but I am improving on this;) and I wanna learn more, grow and improve envery day in my days to come.

So anything you wanna say, please feel free to comment.

I appreciate people talking to me and don´t want this Blog to be a one-sided-conversation, but a inspiration on all sides. So please help.



Ps: And from the eggs I hopefully sell one day to serve the world in MY way – you can make use in whatever way you want – e.g omlettes, cakes, easter decorations, art or whatever – As long as you stic to my moral: Use it for the good! – you are fine with me and wanna support you in any way I can.


2 thoughts on “Chicken-vs-Duck-Mentality-and-Marketing

  1. Small detail (factor 1000) dear Britta: = 28 x 10^12 = 28 Billionen (french) = 28 Trillion (american) 🙂
    Since I just introduced small and large numbers here in the monastery, I couldn’t help but notice… for once I was happy to use the american system, since with all the inches, feet, and such people get rather confused!
    (There is a nice story about a Mars-sond that collapsed onto Mars because some planned it in American units and others built according to SI Units – lovely case of communication-problem!)
    However! We can maybe just say that these are many many many eggs and that Google seems to do that in a smart way, since people are buying so much stuff and this must involve even many many many eggs more! I could of course start to wonder where all these eggs came from and what would happen if the male would also do their share of work but I think I leave this for the time being!
    I wish you as many eggs as you would like to have and may some of them hatch and give more lovely beings the opportunity to do even more good!

    • Thanks for the correction Thomas. Interesting! Soooo many eggs inside gOOgle and the world. Might be good, that the male chicken don´t work as much in the egg industry as the females;)
      Intersting fact about the Mars. A friend from Bangkok told me yesterday he gave a carpenter measures for the furniture in his house and everything was giant, because the carpenter created in inches and it was meant to be cm 🙂
      Anyway, senging you and the monchs a HUGE hug (inches or meters or feet) from Berlin.
      Love, B

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