My passion for Kitesurfing

“Kites are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made”

Have you ever tried Kitesurfing?

My love and enthusiasm for Kitesurfing has grown exponentially since the first time I ever saw a kitesurfer. That was 2007 when I lived in South Africa and did lots of surfing there whenever I could find the time while doing the research to my master thesis on entrepreneurship, and exploring the wonderful country. I loved being out in nature, in the water. But I was never good at paddling and I didn´t like the waiting on waves. Sitting out there on my surf board and waiting was boring. One time I sat outside in the Muizenberg Bay in Capetown and waited unpatiently for the next wave, I saw the first Kitesurfer I had ever seen. He was riding though the waves out, effortless, since he didn´t have to paddle and duckdive, but used the wind. looked like fun, and then he turned around and was riding on the wave towards the beach. Full-on action ALL the time. No waiting for wind, no getting washed (I thought) , no frustration of my tired arms not paddling hard enough or falling off the board. Wow. I fell in love in this moment. A new passion had been born.

I didn´t get a chance to try kitesurfing myself until 10 months later in autumn 2008 in the cold North Sea in Sankt Peter Ording (SPO). Although the kiteschool had already closed for the season I talked them into giving me a couple lessons. They warned me: “The water is cold, the waves a re strong and the wind is gusty. Better wait till spring to learn or go to a warm place like Eqypt with flat, shallow water. Otherwise you won´t try it again, if you get frustrated here. But I had travelled about 700 km just to learn Kitesurfing, so there was no way talking my stubborn head out of it. So we tried and I loved it from the very first moment I felt the power of the kite.

I was in the icecold water soon trying my first body drags without the board and dived the kite strongly into the power zone to get lifted out of the water and “fly” for a second. I was so full of adrenaline that I didn´t mind the icy water and messy waved. That night after a hot sauna in Germany´s most beautiful Spa in the dunes of the Beach in SPO, I dreamed of riding the waves the next day and woke up totally excited for my next lessons. But a look outside the window destroyed my hope: about 45 knots and pouring rain. I went back to the Kiteschool to get some theory lessons in hope for better winds the next day. But no look. Beautiful warm sun, clear sky, but no wind at all. I had to go back to Giessen, close to Frankfurt to finish my master thesis and study hard for my master in Kitesurfing Psychology (LOL- I really worte that in my draft – wish I had a masters in Kitesurfing as well 🙂 On the side I worked too much and never got a chance to try kitesurfing again until Oktober 2009.

2 days at the Isselmeer in Netherlands and than off two my first Kitetrip in Brazil. November in Brazil is just perfect. Not a day without wind and I learned so much in those three weeks in Cambuco, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara and all the beautiful spots on the way. What a great place to be. If you ever plan to Jerri there, stay with Marcio and Jodie in their most beautiful home “Vila Bela Vista”. They are Kitesurflovers and arrange the most epic downwinders: 36 km along the coast to a beautiful lagoon, where you can indulge in sea food like fresh oysters and enjoy cheep Caipirinia after the long ride.

Ever since than my love for kitesurfing is so strong that it determines my dreams, my holiday-plans, my choice for place to live (can´t be far from a kitespot) and the work I do Born to Kitesurf, forced to work? Change it to Live for Kitesurf and support this by your work. No work over 18 knots!

Now I am moving to a new home 350 meters from the next Kitespot. I´ll arrive just in time for spring´s northerlies and am proud to promote BEST Kiteboarding Down Under in New Zealand. This awesome brand equipped me with brand new 2013 material, which is already on it´s way to New Zealand. Ready to rock the wind and waves with me. I am so stoked!


Are you interested in learning to Kitesurf or purchasing BEST Material?

Contact me!




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