Berlin-bye-bye by boat

“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”

Do you love the water as much as I do?

If I can´t enjoy water sports because of my broken leg´the second best thing to do is being on a boat with good friends and family. Anywhere really. But Berlin from water is exceptionally beautyful.

Floating along the Spree waving to the people along the river, seeing all historical sights from watersight, going under the Oberbaumbrücke and under all the other so many little bridges. And each time under one of them everybody screams because my beloved godchild loves it so much when we do 🙂

When a concert is going on at “Kater Holzig”  ( it´s the best to party “backstage” on the boat and just go on land to use the bathroom or get a drink. And finishing the trip off with a cold Savannah (my favorite drink from Cape Town) at the Hafenküche (www.hafenkü is just topping it off. Not to speak about the ride back home in the most stylish Volkswagen-T1-Bus 🙂

Thank you SJM for another wonderful day on the water with you, another great trip with awesome company on your beautiful boat. Spending time there together has been a big present each time and I will miss this so much. But autumn is coming quickly to Berlin and I have to follow the sun 🙂 Or is the sun following me?

See you on Aitutaki in 9 weeks 🙂                            Yeeahhhh!


2 thoughts on “Berlin-bye-bye by boat

  1. Hi britti,
    Wir hoffen du kannst und nimmst auch die hohen Reha -Wellen gelassen und suchst und findest auch die mediokren Wellen gut. für deine Reise wünschen wir dir alles alles Gute.hoffentlich Bis bald
    Deine münchner”Sippe”
    Ps kleine Anregung:es sind ev für meinen persönlichen geschmack zuviele technische Computerfachwörter in deinem text -ich als nicht “Nerd” und Ü40^müsste erst einen Comp.Kurs machen…

    • Liebe Münchner Sippe, so schön Euer Eintrag. Vielen Dank. Ja ich lerne in Gelassenheit alle möglichen Wellen zu reiten. Kommt mich bald besuchen Downunder, dann reiten wir am Strand entlang 🙂
      Seid herzlich umarmt!

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