What a treat!

“The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do.”

Have you been ´Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor´ or ´Best Man´ for a close friend before?

Once before I had the pleasure at an extraordinary international German-/Polish-American wedding in California and understood than why it is called “maid of honor”, because it is full of honor and joy. This year I am blessed to have this honor again as one of my best friends is getting married soon and I am so stoked.

I remember the day about 8 years ago when she told me she´ll never get married and I prayed she would change her mind. And I remember well the day 6 years ago in Stockholm when she had just met her husband-to-be the day before. We stalked him on the Internet to find out more about him, she couldn´t stop talking about him  and she was hopping through the rainy Swedish streets smiling so bright that I teased her how in love she was.

She still negated to be in love on this day, but only weeks later it was clear she had met “the man”. I knew it when I saw how happy he
made her and I am proud to be a witness when they say the formal yes to each other in december in paradise. 

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As I am leaving to the bottom right corner of the world map in a little over two weeks I will miss my friends bacherolette party. To make up for this I stole her away for a very private bachelorette party with just me and her for two days. 

We first went to the hairdresser together so I could learn to do her hair on the day of the wedding. Afterwards I put her and me on a train to a destination unknown to her. She had no idea what we were about to do and I gave her all kinds of misleading hints. When the train stopped in the middle of Brandenburg, far from any phone reception a nice well dressed man picked us up and played with us the game of secret where we were going.

When we arrived at the beautiful Spa and Resort “Zur Bleiche” the secret was released: Two days and a night in a gorgous luxuray Hotel with the biggest Spa I have ever been to. Two days of Girls Talk, Massage, Champane, different Saunas and ppols, gossip magazines in front of the open fireplace, Pilates, a dinner that made party in our mouths, endless loughter, engaged discussions and a looong breakfast with anything your tastebuds could ask for.                     WHAT A TREAT.

To anyone who is in Berlin for a visit or longer and wants a timeout – go treat yourself in the Bleiche. The most beautiful get away in the middly of wonderful “Spreewald” You can take the kanu right infront of the hotel, get a bike or stroll around on your feet in the amazing  sourrounding landscape. Or just meditate in those beautiful decorated rooms, rent a book from the well equipped libraries or get lost in one of the many stylish hallways, elevators and little hide aways.

The resort has a long history and is family owned since 1993. The service is excellent while casual at the same time. They even gave us a ride to the station with their very fun oldtimer bus named “Rosi”. Definatly check out the homepage http://www.hotel-zur-bleiche.de/de/                                                                    and put this on your to-do-before-you-die-list. One of the best hotels I´ve ever been in.

Bleiche – I´ll be back.


7 thoughts on “What a treat!

    • Thank you Britta! Seeing how you’re following your dreams and living the life thru Kiting is pretty awesome. Can’t wait for you to come back to NZ for some insane kitesurfing. Downwinders baby!! Yeewee!! Seeya soon.

      • My dear Kitesurfing bro. Oh I am kiting — äähm *counting – the hours till back inNew Brighton. Although leavin Berlin behind is hard. But hey, I am not out of the world, just on the other side. And many great downwinders are waiting for us. Thank you for your comment, and see you soon, sweet as…

  1. You lucky girls!!! What a great idea! What the perfect maid of honor you are! I will have to remember that when I l have to choose a maid of honor ;-). Seriously thank you for the tip, this would be a great present for my mum! I need to think about that and organize, as you did, a 2 days trip with her to this paradisiac place! I’m looking forward to read more posts!

    • Is this a pre-invite to be you Maid of Honor? Just tell me where and when and I´ll be there 😉
      Come visit me Down under soon.
      Lots of love to Paris from Berlin
      (just come back from a Spree-Tour with the gorgous boat you have been on, when you where here. Always great fun!

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