Day 2 – thank you and please get inter-active! ……. Comment and follow!

“You don’t have to be interesting to not be boring”

WOW! Still a dream or does the taste of coffee on my lips indicate that I am up and awake?

Today  I slept in,                                                                                      on German´s National Holiday                                                       after staying up long last night                                                           with at least 22 Tabs open on my Google-Chrome (typical “end-user” as my IT-friends call me)                                    and now I play around with my brandnew First Blog             and see I can get hold of stats                                                                            of how many people visited my site.

Amazing to know that after beeing online for about 12 hours 87 (209 by now!) people from Germany to New Zealand, Luxemburg, Sweden, Great Britain, Rwanda, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, and France came to check out what I have in store for the world!

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting and encouraging me on my quest in the  great unknown: the  world wide web.

If you know me well, know, you know that I don´t have any technical or electronical skills. I am a people person and that´s where my knowledge and profession is. That´s why I studied Psychology for 6 years  and had additional training for 4,5 years in Therapy (Gestalt-Therapy) – but how to use Excel or WordPress or build my Homepage – these skills are developed probably at the stage of a 7 year old 🙂

So bare with me. This is all Work in Progress. 

My normal pattern, as a perfectionist, would be to have everything figured out before I show it to the world, get online or get published.

Not this time. New ways for me. This Blog, will stay imperfect but full of passion, love for what I do and for connecting with others around me all over the world through this powerful Media called Blog. 

So PLEASE: Interact with me. Tell me what you like or don´t like in the comment area. And please subscribe by following my blog (How to? and commenting on the posts!

This blog is not all about me. It is about US. Everyone who wants to get involved is warmly invited. PLEASE get active and interact. I need YOU!

Coming back to this blog and interacting with me will be worth it. I got drawers full of wonderful projects I would like to realize to make this world a better place and help people to find their path and go for their dreams. 

I got drawers full of writings that sometimes I´d like to publish here.

This all is a lot of “work” – work I love but time and energy consuming. Keep me encouraged to keep this blog-project going. I live of your feedback!



SO PLEASE SIGN UP HERE: or even better: press follow at the left bottom of the page and enter your email adress to get immediatly informed when I write a new post.



2 thoughts on “Day 2 – thank you and please get inter-active! ……. Comment and follow!

  1. Just leave it imperfect and it will be just perfect for most of us. There is so much perfectionism around that we’re mostly blinded not able to see the actuall content anymore. Maybe a perfect new place for me to find some distraction of all the casual daily things…

    • Dear Michael,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement on imperfection. I agree on this 100 %.
      My goal is to keep this Blog authentic, interactive and full of inspirations for me, you and everyone who comes and visit.
      So come back often and have fun!
      All the best from Berlin,

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